• Developing team synergy and getting results together

How is your story shaping your life?

What is the story you are telling yourself about who you are?  Does it have you thriving or just surviving?

The story you tell yourself - whether you know what it is or not - is defining the boundaries of what's possible for you at work, home and in life.

Imagine having a story that enabled you to be empowered, flourish in your career and relationships, and enjoy your life circumstances more.


Leadership is a series of behaviors rather than a role for heroes

~ Margaret Wheatley

Increasing success

We have a passion for supporting individuals, teams and coaches achieve sustainable success through coaching and leadership development. We’ve partnered with bluechip companies, leaders and individuals to achieve remarkable results that generate improved life and business successes. As every person, team and organisation is unique, we have a variety of approaches that we draw from to enable us to deliver the best possible coaching solution that is fit for purpose.

Executive Coaching

Supporting individuals and teams to thrive in complexity

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Ontological Coach Training

Be author of your life and make a difference to others

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Leadership Embodiment

Develop leadership presence and remain focused on the big picture in the midst of pressure and stress

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What our clients say

..if it wasn’t for you I would have been fired :-).  Forever grateful!!!!  "Executive, Financial Services - available to share more about my coaching experience"

Karen very quickly worked me out. She offered me the right things at the right times. She took risks. When things didn’t work out, she tried something else. I felt safe to say: “that’s not working”. She has a style that feels flexible but is very containing. Her skill level is very high. She didn’t seem to have a script, and appeared to be working off the cuff, but I had a strong sense that she was in touch with the “theme” and the “programme”. When something was required, she seemed to have access to it immediately.    Professor Alison Lewis, Head of Chemical Engineering, UCT, 2013

I have had the privilege of having a two stage coaching relationship with Karen White. Firstly, being taught robust coaching principles for an on-going corporate coaching circle and secondly embarking on a tailored 12 session individual coaching programme. Having engaged with coaches in the past, I can highly recommend Karen’s work as world class.   Lise-Mari Maartens, Competitor Intelligence Manager