Equine Programs

It’s all about you and your leadership capacity!

Horses pick up on non-verbal body language seven times faster than us. They react honestly, immediately and without any judgement. They don’t care about our rank, position, or any other social niceties. And we cannot talk our way out of a situation with them. To earn their respect they look for congruent, embodied leadership and reward instantly when we demonstrate it. In a very short space of time they reveal to us when we aren’t congruent and clear in how we are communicating.

Working with horses, invites us into exploring who and how we are (our Way of Being) without words and irrespective of our roles. They help us pay attention to a very important part of communication, that is mostly neglected and that is listening at a deep level. When we are able to listen with our whole being, especially including our emotions and body, we have a doorway into different insights that can provide powerful ways of making sense that bypasses logic and invites our intuition.

Horses are honest in the sense that they work with what is in the present moment and don’t have expectations, which potentially very useful for how we engage in daily life. They can therefore act as a mirror for us, that is clear and without distortion, offering us ways of seeing ourselves that can be a powerful catalyst for lasting change. Although large animals, learning with them is non-threatening in that they aren’t negatively judgmental, and simply offer us information in the moment. Through learning with horses we are able to tap into what is happening for us emotionally, which we may not be aware of, and also to use our body as a shortcut to effect positive changes at the level of our Way of Being.

Working with horses individually or collectively help us learn....

  • Purpose and Focus (having direction and a goal in mind)
  • Clarity within ourselves and being clear with others
  • Fairness and objectivity
  • Being congruent in our thoughts emotions, and internal and external body expression
  • To tap into our joy, compassion and sense of wonder.


Upcoming Events

6 March 2019

18 September 2019

We offer individual coaching, leadership and team development workshops with these magnificent beings as co-facilitators.

Winston Churchill said it best when he said

“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a (wo)man."