Ontological Coach Programs

Ontology is the study of being and Ontological Coaching is coaching to Way of Being.

We know… Ontological Coaching is not a user friendly word and there is seems to be no story!

Actually, Ontology is all about the stories we live in and how we got to do that.  More importantly Ontological Coaching gives us a way to write a new story, and we can enjoy better results and relationships in the process.

The Ontological Coaching Program is both a rigorous training in how to be an excellent coach, as well as an intense personal development journey.  At the end of it you will be able to use all that you learned with yourself and people you work with, be they individual clients, teams, or organisations.

What is Ontological Coaching?

Ontological Coaching is effective because it is based on a practical understanding of language, moods and conversations for behavioural and cultural transformation.

Ontological Coaching offers a way to living and working well and developing a life of deep satisfaction, meaning and fulfilment. In a world of relentless and continual change this is no small matter!

Ontological Coaching is highly effective for coaches and leaders alike and focuses on:

  • Personal change
  • Leadership
  • Business improvement

Upcoming Programs

Introductory Coaching Course Cape Town

Learn the essence of Ontological Coaching and how to apply this in coaching and in your own personal and professional life.

Ontological Coaching 3 Day Programs for 2020 - Cape Town

18 Month Certified Ontological Coaching Program

This Program is for those seeking personal and professional mastery in their lives. It is an accredited ACTP ACC and PCC Program

18 Month ACTP Ontological Coaching Program - 2021 - 2022

"Organizations and their cultures are networks of conversations.
Change the conversations and you change the culture.”.

Alan Sieler

Ontological Coaching is highly effective as a coaching methodology as well as for:

Personal Change


Business Improvement

What makes Ontological Coaching Special?

It deals with the multi-dimensional nature of humans as biological, linguistic, emotional, somatic, cultural and historical beings.

Ontology is the study of being and Ontological Coaching focuses on Way of Being as the path to deep and lasting behaviour change. Our Way of Being is the key driver of our behavior and communication. This is where our perceptions and attitudes live, which can be limiting us and are deep seated and out of sight.

A key part of the coaching program is coaching others and being coached by other participants. In the process you receive valuable feedback and learning, growing your competence and skill. You can also receive coaching from the course leaders over the 18 month period, deepening your learning.

Ontological Coaching rests on a strong theoretical base. It combines the biology of cognition, philosophy of language, phenomenology, philosophy of emotions and philosophy of the body. Each of these academic disciplines created breakthrough thinking in the last part of the 20th century. Flowing from that a new practical understanding of how humans function, learn and change came about.