In a nutshell

Karen describes herself as a curious traveler on this earth, looking for continual ways to learn and grow.  She has been coaching since 2004, following a career in the corporate world for 20 years.

While working in a corporate environment, she realised that many people were surviving and not thriving, seeing work as a means to an end. Karen was fortunate enough to be one of those people who loved what she did and was fundamentally happy with her life. She realised she could support others to derive meaning and enjoy their lives whatever their context, and not wait for the time when they had “arrived” somewhere else.

Her coaching pedigree

She has been credentialed by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as a Master Certified Coach (MCC) since 2017.  She has more than 4 000 hours coaching experience and has the following relevant qualifications:


In 2009 she brought Leadership Embodiment to South Africa and worked closely with Wendy Palmer, the founder, until her passing in 2022 .  She is a certified Leadership Embodiment Teacher and heads up Leadership Embodiment in South Africa.

Karen has also worked with Alan Sieler of the Ontological Coaching Institute since 2014. Together they offer introductory coach training and a rigorous and in-depth 18 month Certified Ontological Coaching and Leadership Program in South Africa, Europe and the USA. As well as being a course leader, she is the Director of Training for the program.

Mastery in coaching

When applying through the ICF for her MCC in 2016, it became clear to her that it was not just 10 hours of mentoring and about ticking something off a list. She came to understand that mastery is about one's own development as a coach and requires time, community, and a place to become a beginner again in a way that is playful and deep. She developed a Mastery and Artistry program for coaches wanting to pursue mastery and at the same time apply for their MCC through the International Coach Federation (ICF). It is designed in a way that is developmentally focused and community based, because experience has shown that we can learn so much together and from each other.

The course has been offered a number of times and of the people who have applied for accreditation through the ICF all received their credential first time.

Life before being a coach

Before coaching, Karen worked in a blue chip corporate environment for 20 years, ultimately as a senior manager.  She has an excellent grasp of organisational dynamics, and the challenges and opportunities present in the corporate world.

Coaching experience in business

A skilled Facilitator and Executive Coach, Karen has extensive experience ranging from coaching executives, senior management and middle management. She enjoys developing leaders to be more self-aware, build skilful relationships, and deal with complexity and strategic challenges resulting in improved business practice. She has coached leaders of global companies at Executive and Senior management level in a cross section of functions. Some of the organizations she has worked with are Johnson and Johnson, Chevron, Toyota, British American Tobacco (SA), Microsoft Internationally, Woolworths, @ Home, Old Mutual, KWV, Juta Publishers, The Body Shop, Standard Bank, and senior officials in Government.

And a walk on the personal side

As well as her formal business qualifications, Karen completed her training as a Yoga Teacher. She is married and has two adult sons. Aside from work, she has a passion for horses, spending time with friends and family, reading, and forever learning.