Leadership Embodiment Programs

“If we change the way we organise our energy, we change the way we think.”

Wendy Palmer


Through our Leadership Embodiment programs we support individuals, leaders, and coaches to develop greater capacity to effectively manage ongoing life stresses and make a bold and valuable contribution.

How would your life be, if you experienced less stress and more ease?

Stress makes us stupid – seriously… we lose some and sometimes much of our ability to think well when we are stressed.  And, using our bodies we can regain perspective, remain calm and relaxed, and focus on the big picture.

Communication and Relationships

You may know that research shows that at least 70% of all communication is non-verbal. For us to be credible our message, emotions and body need to be in sync. When they aren’t, it negatively affects our relationships and leadership capacity.

Leadership Embodiment will help you notice your patterns when under stress and more importantly positively shift your patterns through simple tools and practices. In doing so we have more choice and range of action available to us, as well as a sense of calm and ease – pretty big stuff in the world we live in today.

Using the body is crucial because under pressure the body always wins… think of when you get a fright and what you do first. Your body reacts even if you “know” what happened wasn’t really threatening.

Leadership Embodiment helps us tap into our body intelligence, and use the wisdom of the body to be healthier, less stressed, and be more skilled in life and relationships.

What you will learn

There are 3 core skills you will learn through the work:

  • Being inclusive, especially in difficult situations
  • Speaking up for what we believe in, even when there is strong resistance
  • Listening to everything that is being said without taking things personally

Leadership Embodiment has extensive application both personally and professionally. People who have experienced the work find it easy to apply in all aspects of their lives.

Upcoming Programs

Leadership Embodiment provides ways to directly and positively impact on stress, whilst developing presence, big picture thinking, courage and compassion.

Coach Training

Join Wendy Palmer and Karen White to learn simple and profound practices that will transform how you and your clients are able to build and function in day to day living and relationships.

Coach Training in November 2019 


The retreat offers an intimate setting where Leadership Embodiment practices and meditation are combined to deepen self-awareness and capacity for more effective and compassionate action.

Retreat with Wendy Palmer - March 2019

Fundamentals - Level 1

Leadership Embodiment provides tools that help us work with our bodies and brains in a way that allows us to stay relaxed and calm while experiencing stress. By doing so while under pressure we can access big picture thinking, innovation and our morality.

Cape Town 2019 programs with Karen White and Lisa Hansford

Level 2

Deepen your ability to use Leadership Embodiment practices  and use the foundational practices explored in level 1 to create new ways of working with the challenges you and others face.

Cape Town 2019 program with Karen White and Lisa Hansford