The Power of Coaching

Would you like to achieve your goals, have more options available and become a more powerful observer?

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Executive Coaching offers bespoke and immediate learning about yourself, your context, and how to build effective relationships.  These are all crucial for the current world we live in.

If you think about it, who and how we are tends to be transparent to us. Like fish living in water we are not aware of the water we are swimming in and this is where coaching is powerful. Becoming aware of who and how we are immediately opens up a pathway to doing things differently.

Our coaching approach focuses on developing a new Way of Being that enables learning and growth beyond the coaching relationship, as well as the achievement of specific outcomes. At the end of the coaching you will be able to use language in a distinct and generative way, build emotional capacity and resilience, and use the body to develop leadership presence.

As your self-awareness and the ability to observe patterns of behaving grows, you will have access to a greater range of choices and the ability to act in new
ways in all areas and aspects of life.

In short, we support you to achieve better results in life and business, and have a greater sense of wellbeing and satisfaction.

Executive Coaching

Professionally trained coaches with extensive business and coach experience

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Coach Training

Powerful coach training for deep personal change, leadership, and business improvement

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Leadership Embodiment

Embodiment practices to develop confidence and leadership presence

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Soaring to new heights with others

What clients have said…

…..if it wasn’t for you I would have been fired :-).  Forever grateful!!!!  "Executive, Financial Services - available to share more about my coaching experience" 

Karen very quickly worked me out. She offered me the right things at the right times. She took risks. When things didn’t work out, she tried something else. I felt safe to say: “that’s not working”. She has a style that feels flexible but is very containing. Her skill level is very high. She didn’t seem to have a script, and appeared to be working off the cuff, but I had a strong sense that she was in touch with the “theme” and the “programme”. When something was required, she seemed to have access to it immediately.    Professor Alison Lewis, Head of Chemical Engineering, UCT, 2013

I have had the privilege of having a two stage coaching relationship with Karen White. Firstly, being taught robust coaching principles for an on-going corporate coaching circle and secondly embarking on a tailored 12 session individual coaching programme. Having engaged with coaches in the past, I can highly recommend Karen’s work as world class.   Lise-Mari Maartens, Competitor Intelligence Manager

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